Before Login

Basic Search

The user of system is able to search jobs using few basic values like Job title, skill, company, city, state & zip.

User need to input the required values in the given search fields and click Find Jobs button, once entered the result will be displayed according to the matched input data.


Advanced Search

The advanced search provides a job search using some extra fields. Apart from the above mentioned fields in the basic search, user can search a job with Employment Type, Job Posting Date, and Company Segment etc.

Trending Search

Trending Searches is basically a skills based search which will show the job listing based on the matched skill.

Add Your Resume button

By clicking ‘Add Your Resume’ button user is navigated to the registration page where the user has to input basic details along with the resume to get registered with the

Click here to try our ATS for free button

This facility is provided for recruiter candidates and clicking this button will redirect user to the HCI’s ATS product where user can post jobs.

Apply link under ‘Latest job postings’ section

Under ‘Latest jobs postings’ section, user has facility to view and apply for the jobs. On clicking this Apply link user is taken to the job details page and presented with various job related options as mentioned below:

Detail Options

Quick Apply: User has to enter some basic information along with the resume and apply to the selected job.

Apply Now: User should login first and gets applied to the job if already registered with the system

Contact Recruiter: User can send an email to the recruiter of the selected job.

Share: User can share the job on social media by providing the login information.

Forward: User can forward the given job to someone else.

Print: User will be able to print the selected job.

User Registration provides a facility of registration for new users. To achieve this user need to go to the signup

While registration, the system will check the if the email address is already registered and prompt accordingly.

User need to enter the correct Captcha as shown to verify the security level.

After Login

User Login

Once registered successfully user will receive a verification email on the registered email address. User has to click the link received and the success prompt will be shown.

After this process is done, user can now login to the with the registered email id and password.

Create Profile after Signup

Once logged in, user is asked to select either Candidate type user or the Recruiter Candidate user.

Depending upon the intention of using the, above type shall be selected and proceed to input required details.

Add Profile

Candidate: If the user type is‘Candidate’the maximum allowed profile to be added is limited to three only. For this user need to click the Add button on My Profile page.

For Recruiter Candidate type, user can add multiple profiles with different names and email addresses.

Once successfully added, the profile is visible under the Profile List.

Edit Profile

For editing any profile, user has to click the name displayed under candidate name column then click the Edit button. Now user can change as desired and click the Update button once done.

Delete Profile

User has option to delete any profile as shown in list. For that, user needs to check the check-box against the desired profile and click the Delete button.

Jobs Link

On clicking the job link user will see a list of all the posted jobs by different recruiters along with a search filters.

Job list on the Jobs page

On clicking the job link, user will navigate to the job details page where entire job information is accessible.

On this page, user can perform multiple actions like Create Alert, Save, Contact Recruiter, Share, Forward, Print, Apply Now.

Create Alert: On clicking this button, user can subscribe to the job alerts so user will receive email notifications whenever a new job is posted with same title.

Save: By clicking Save button, the current job is saved and user can access the same in Saved Jobs section.

Contact Recruiter: User can contact the job recruiter by sending an email.

Share: facility allows user to share a job on social media.

Forward: This will forward the selected job to an email address which is mentioned.

Print: User can print the selected job.

Apply Now: By clicking Apply Now, the selected job gets applied and user will receive an email notification for the same.

Options on Advanced Search results page

User need to click the Advanced Search link and enter the desired search criteria.

On the search results page, user is presented with three options:

Save this Search, Multiple Apply, Create Job Alert

Save this Search: By clicking this button the current search result page is saved and can be accessed in future through the Saved Searches section.

This facility is available only for the Recruiter Candidate type users.

For normal Candidates, the searches will be automatically saved and accessible on Saved Searches page.

Multiple Apply: User needs to select the check boxes (maximum limited to 5) and then click the Multiple Apply button where the selected jobs get applied by the user.

Create Job Alert: By clicking this button all the jobs present on the current page are selected for the job alert (user can edit it if required) and saved once the Create Job Alert button is clicked.


The provides user a facility to view various notifications as per the condition.

The system user will receive notifications in below conditions:

  1. If any recruiter view candidate profile
  2. If profile is incomplete
  3. If any recruiter wants to contact to candidate. (Recruiter Message from ATS)
  4. Scheduled interview notification (message from ATS)
  5. Job recommendations.
  6. Renew subscription alert.
  7. Spontaneous Alert.


System provides user a facility to change the password, upgrade the package and add a cover letter.

User has a facility to update the cover letter as desired. Currently, there is no upper limit on adding the cover letter for both types of users.